A brief history written by Bill Rodriguez

For more than 30 years, the Italian Village Restaurant has been as much of a necessary, yet taken-for-granted institution in Wakefield as the post office. Actually, the restaurant outlasted the latter, which eventually moved to larger quarters. So it was only a matter of time before advantage was taken of the local name recognition. No, not with yet another brand of tomato sauce on the shelves, but rather with a second IV, as it's known, in adjacent Narragansett - Catarina's Italian Village Restaurant.

It opened in May 2006, in a quaint building, an oversized log cabin that over the years has housed everything from a pancake place to a steakhouse, on summertime-scenic but lonely-in-winter Route 1A. Likely as not, locals will keep this place hopping year-round. It is named for and dedicated to Catherine Mollo, the late wife of owner Antonio Mollo.

Ti Amo Sempre!